Does This Sound Like You?

Are you feeling so fatigued that even light movement or trying to get through your day can be a chore?

Perhaps you are feeling extremely stressed or anxious because you can't perform well at work and aren't able to support your family like you used to.

Or do you experience "mystery aches and pains" that are slowing you down... 

Chronic fatigue, pain, brain fog, blood pressure or heart-rate changes, sadness, or depression, may present in isolation, but more often, as a constellation of symptoms that can lead to expensive testing and specialist referrals, multiple medications with negative side effects, and minimal return to function. 

An integrative health approach to chronic fatigue without without pain or other symptoms, can be effective and restorative. 

The Conventional Approach To Chronic Fatigue

The conventional approach to treating chronic fatigue and pain syndromes like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Fibromyalgia, and Long-Covid is focused on symptoms.

What might be causing the symptoms? What medications will make the symptoms go away? Many individuals with symptoms concerning these diagnoses have seen MANY doctors, had MANY expensive tests, and have been on, or continue to be on MANY medications.

Their symptoms may improve for a short time, only to return, often worse than before, and complicated by medication side effects and interactions. 

By the time I see patients, they have often received a diagnosis, are not feeling any better, and are looking for a new way to approach their condition. Sadly, they have often been labeled as a difficult patient. 

Sometimes, patients will present to me with complex symptoms and have a story that is convincing for a post-viral syndrome like long COVID, fibromyalgia, or ME/CFS but they are hoping to avoid the complex testing and medication path and instead wish to focus on improving their symptoms and functionality with a functional approach. 

Imbalances that can be addressed with significant improvement are gut microbe imbalance, gut hyperpermeability, or frank infection with bacteria or yeast.

Hormonal imbalances including cortisol, thyroid, or sex hormones are often present in patients with chronic fatigue syndromes.

Lifestyle behaviors including inadequate nutrition, minimal movement, poor sleep hygiene, lack of stress management, and isolation and loneliness due to poor health are almost always exacerbating factors. 

An integrative approach to chronic fatigue and pain syndromes is necessary for restoring an individual's physical, emotional, and spiritual health after an often long and arduous period of illness and disability. 

The Integrative Health Approach To Chronic Fatigue

Integrative Health is the approach I am striving to provide for individuals who come to see me.

My clinical training and experience in primary care, addiction medicine, and functional medicine have allowed me to look at behavioral health conditions with a much wider lens.

Medications may be utilized, but do not form the foundation of care.

Exploring the root cause of your symptoms, physical and emotional, and empowering patients to heal themselves forms the foundation of care with Heron Wellness. 

What is Integrative Health? I have been working on this definition for a long time, and after finding a definition of Integrative Health from the California Institute for Integral Studies I have been able to develop my approach to care.    

The components of the treatment process I have developed are based on my training and clinical experiences with patients over the years.

Integrative Health 

Patient-centered, coordinated, whole-person care with a focus on healing and wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

Therapeutic Components

Allopathic Medicine – Medications as needed for physical and behavioral health conditions. Coordination with specialists as needed.

Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Interventions – Referral and coordination of care with therapists, psychologists, treatment programs

Functional Medicine – Conventional and specialized laboratory testing and evaluation and education and support for implementing positive behavioral changes related to the 5 MODIFIABLE LIFESTYLE FACTORS - NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, SLEEP, STRESS MANAGEMENT, SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY

Hormone Optimization – Focusing on addressing imbalances in cortisol (fight or flight), thyroid, and sex hormones

Complementary Modalities – 5- Needle-Protocol (ear acupuncture), mindfulness, nutraceuticals and botanicals. Coordination with physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, therapeutic yoga, energy work

Traditional Healing Practices – Referral and coordination of care with healers in the community

Isolation, loneliness, and stigma contribute significantly to challenges faced by individuals experiencing chronic fatigue and pain syndromes.

We know from work by innovative providers like Dr. Jeff Geller and Dr. Dean Ornish, that healing happens better when together.

Group medical visits improve depression, anxiety, loneliness as well as chronic medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

The shared experience facilitates healing through accountability, knowledge sharing, and most importantly, connection to others.

Group and individual interventions are utilized in this practice and I invite you to explore opportunities to connect to other humans. You will not regret it

Integrative  Health is a treatment approach that is guided by me as a provider, but executed by the individual who needs healing. This is not a passive approach to care. This is your journey, and you alone have the power to make the change.

We will create a treatment plan guided by your needs, your current ability, and life circumstances, knowing that this will be a dynamic process, changing with time as you improve, have a setback, or see a new vision for yourself.

This is your work, and I am here to provide you with resources and guidance to improve your functionality, your resilience, and ultimately your best self.

If you are interested in approaching Hormonal changes, Behavioral Issues, and Wellness with an Integrative Approach, please reach out to Schedule a Discovery Call

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