Preventative Wellness is more than a once-per-year physical that you might be used to.

Preventative Wellness is an ongoing assessment of your physical, mental, and emotional health. It requires planning and the ability to shift as you achieve goals or experience roadblocks.

It is dynamic. It requires communication and relationships. It is a journey. 

What can you expect from a Preventative Wellness approach to care?

After your first visit, we will have a plan for your health and wellness goals based on your history, laboratory studies, and goals. If you are seeing me for behavioral health or hormone imbalances and you already have a primary care provider that you wish to continue working with, your ongoing relationship with me will focus on those areas.

If you wish to engage in preventative and primary care wellness programs here at Heron Wellness then I will assume your primary care needs and preventative services. You can also engage in Preventative Wellness even if you do not have any other physical or behavioral health care needs. This primary care and preventative health program is designed to augment your personalized program, whatever that may be.

This is a concierge program that allows you to communicate with me through text on the Spruce Health secure messaging platform, or through your Elation Healthcare patient portal. I will address concerns on the same day, and we will have a telehealth or in-person visit as needed and as schedules allow.

There may be times that you will need to visit an Urgent Care or Emergency Department if I do not feel that I can adequately address your medical needs or if I am out of town and cannot see you.

  • Discounted laboratory studies – sometimes insurance can be tricky when it comes to covering lab studies. I have access to discounted lab testing that will be available to you if have an insurance plan with a high deductible, you don’t have insurance, or you wish to avoid the potentially high cost of lab studies that are not covered by your insurance. 
  • Access to free community educational offerings – we will be offering a range of community and practice-based educational opportunities that will be available online and in person. Your membership will allow you to access these offerings at no cost. 

Preventative Wellness Program includes the following:

  • Preventative Wellness Yearly Exam – includes review, completion, and referral to necessary specialists for recommended preventative screening tests. This would include recommended screening labs, pap smear, STD screening, immunization review, and referral for mammography and colonoscopy.  * Immunizations are not included. My practice is too small to keep immunizations on hand. Your insurance will cover immunizations received from local pharmacies. 
  • Preventative Wellness Yearly Roadmap – after reviewing your health care needs and laboratory studies we will create a plan for your care going forward. This will include changes to your current care based on needs and goals, referrals to specialists as needed, and neutraceutical or medication changes. Knowing that this plan will shift as things change throughout the year, will provide a broad view of your health and wellness goals for the year. A written consult with lab review and treatment planning will be provided. 
  • Collaboration with specialists – my role is to coordinate your health and wellness care. This often involves referral to specialists who are working with you. Ongoing communication with those who are working with you is critical for helping you achieve your goals. 
  • Your wellness package includes three additional in-person visits per year to address ongoing concerns, and medication adjustments, or to provide education and support. 
  • Acute concerns will be addressed as needed. This can usually be accomplished with a text, phone call, or quick telehealth visit. If I need to meet you at the office, I will do my best to do so within 24 hours. Examples include – “I think I have a urinary tract infection”. I’ll meet you at the office to collect a urine sample and a history and provide medications as needed. Or “I’m going on a trip and I’d like an antibiotic in case I get sick.” I’m happy to address those needs. 
  • If I am out of town, I will often be able to meet my needs. However, there may be times you will need to visit an Instacare or an Emergency Department. I will do my best to help you avoid these expensive and stressful encounters. 
  • Access to group visits at a discount – Group visits are an incredibly effective way to address physical, mental, and emotional concerns. We will be offering a variety of group visit opportunities and I invite you to engage. Your preventative wellness membership will allow you to engage in group visits at a discounted price. 
  • 25% discount on nutraceuticals – using personalized, high-quality supplements to address metabolic, hormonal, and mental health needs can be highly effective. It is important to use products that are reputable. 

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Areas Served

Heron Wellness is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and serves patients throughout the Greater Salt Lake City Area and Eastern Utah including Provo, Highland, Cedar Hills, Summit, Park City and Ogden. These areas include but are not limited to the counties of Salt Lake City, Davis, Weber, Morgan, Summit, Wasatch, Utah and Tooele.

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